Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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Meet Alumni Educator Rachel Sanders

Apr 3, 2017
Rachel Sanders teaches Bioresearch at Global Impact STEM Academy. She’s been teaching for 18 years, and her favorite part of teaching is exploring new ideas and experiments with students. She is co-advisory of the school’s FFA team, coordinator of the Clark County Science Fair, and hosts a 4H STEM summer camp. What is the benefit of FTW resources? I highly recommend the FTW pd events to educators because of the hands-on …

Meet Alumni Educator Jeremy Grove

Apr 3, 2017
Jeremy Grove is in his fifth year of teaching AFNR, Animal and Plant Sciences, and Agronomic Systems at East Technical High School in Cleveland. He also advises the FFA chapter at his school. He particularly enjoys the moment when students who were in total confusion and disbelief finally understand a concept! Why would you recommend the FTW resources to other educators? The best thing about FTW is the network of …

Class collaborations create ethanol and biodiesel at Fort Jennings

Mar 23, 2017
Students in Jeff Jostpille’s Fort Jennings Environmental Science class have recently been studying alternative energy sources, researching and experimenting with wind power, solar power, and hydrogen fuel cell power. They then turned their attention to fuels produced from biomass. Two such fuels include biodiesel and ethanol. Working with Chemistry teacher Heather Harmon, the two classes combined their knowledge to successfully create ethanol and biodiesel. The Fort Jennings students prepared 4 different …

Meet Alumni Educator Chuck Crawford

Mar 21, 2017
Chuck Crawford teaches AP Environmental Science and Advanced Research in Science at Dublin Jerome High School. In his 19th year of teaching, Crawford’s favorite part of the job is interacting with students and seeing their development over the year. A demo plot on school grounds allows Crawford to incorporate hands-on ag-related activities and lessons in his classes. Would you recommend the FTW workshop to other educators? Yes! This gives us …

Meet Alumni Educator Jeff Jostpille

Mar 20, 2017
Jeff teaches Biology, Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, Environmental Science, and 8th grade Science at Fort Jennings High School. He’s finishing up his 28th year as a teacher, and his favorite part is being in the classroom talking about science and participating in science through labs, projects, experiments, etc. He likes being with the kids and helping them discover something new about the world. In addition to teaching, he coaches the Envirothon …

Plant genetics studied with mini-grant materials

Mar 18, 2017
Science teacher Donna Meller said the Pettisville High School STEM Program appreciated the mini-grant they received this year to help provide materials for a Genetics Module. Students participated in a four-week unit led by Bill Holdsworth, Plant Breeder from Rupp Seeds, on Plant Genetics. For one of the sessions Meller’s class used the pGlo Transformation kit purchased with funds from the Feed the World mini-grant to learn how plant genetics …

Meet Alumni Educator Brian Badenhop

Mar 16, 2017
Brian teaches Environmental Science, Biology, Science and Society at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. He’s been there four years, and his favorite part of teaching is forming lasting mentor relationships with students even after they graduate. He’s also involved in Envirothon, the Science Education Council of Ohio, and the National Science Teachers Association. How has Feed the World changed your view of agriculture? It helped me to gain a better understanding …

FTW alumni educators: ready, set, GO!

Mar 2, 2017
At the 2017 Education Leadership Series, FTW alumni educators met to prepare for outreach activities. Presenter Heather Bryan shared about FTW’s online resources, highlighted key features of the website, and provided the teachers with lab equipment and supplies. Now these educators are prepared to lead FTW workshops at teacher conferences, provide information and support to other teachers in their buildings, and engage in community outreach to share FTW activities. The gr…

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