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Corn 2.0

Dec 8, 2021
Climate change is causing longer droughts, more intense heat, and unpredictable storms that drastically change local environments. At the same time, the human population is growing, increasing the demand for food that is cultivated on increasingly fragile lands. Crops that are biologically unprepared are at risk of being eradicated, putting food …

This plane is CORN‑powered!

Dec 8, 2021
United Airlines Boeing 737 has completed a passenger flight with one engine using 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel, the company confirmed earlier this month. The flight, which took place between Chicago’s O’Hare and Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National, is the first-ever to ferry passengers while using the new eco-friendly fuel. But while the …

Comparing feedstocks for fermentation

Nov 30, 2021
FTW Alumni educator Jeff Jostpille’s biology students used the Engineering Design process to investigate the production of industrial ethanol with the Corn Fermentation in a Bag experiment. They tested the process of fermentation using resealable bags with yeast, warm water, various feedstocks and enzymes. Jostpille gave students feedstocks such …

Making connections with bacterial transformations

Nov 29, 2021
Dave Hassan teaches at Columbus Grove High School. He attended the Feed the World summer workshop held at London High School this past summer, where he did the BioRad pGlo Bacterial Transformation lab. He used this activity in his classroom this fall. “My Biomedical Science class, a very small group of “hyper-interested” students, loved this lab,” …

How would you extract DNA?!?

Nov 15, 2021
Developing protocols for experiments challenges students’ understanding and engages their curiosity. After attending the Science of Food and Fuel workshop, sponsored by USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, last summer, Jay Swiecki gave his students at New Miami Valley High School this opportunity in a DNA extraction lab as part of a …

Challenges in feeding the world

Nov 5, 2021
“I want the students to see that even though we do not have a huge issue in our neighborhood, we do have an issue worldwide,” teacher Jay Swiecki at New Miami High School. To help them learn, he used lessons from the Feeding the World unit— Demographic transition , Population age and structures , and Farming for the future . Swiecki created two …

The water cycle and water quality

Oct 20, 2021
Sarah Kipker’s 7th grade science class at Jackson Center School started with spheres of the Earth and finished with a focus on water quality. After introducing the different spheres and how they interact, Kipker and her students discussed how water molecules travel through the water cycle. The students made a poster modeling their travels, …

Checking Licking River quality

Oct 5, 2021
Practice tests ensure more accurate results later. Jeffrey Baker’s environmental science class at Alpha School sharpened their skills with water and soil tests. “The water quality tests were done on water samples from the Licking River in preparation for an upcoming field trip with Perry Soil and Water,” Baker said. “We did pH and other chemical …

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