Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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Vegetable grafting at Tech in Ag workshop

Jul 10, 2019
“Hands-on activities” get even more exciting when they involve razor blades! Participants in the Tech in Ag workshop, sponsored by, the Ohio State University, and USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s PD-STEP program, had the opportunity to try their hands at vegetable grafting. Mark Kroggel, OSU lecturer in Controlled Environment Agriculture, told the group that grafting is done for disease resistance or vigor. For instance, grafting can improv…

Touring POET Marion with Feed the World

Jul 3, 2019
A group of 30 teachers toured the POET Biorefining—Marion plant as part of the Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World workshop. After making ethanol as part of a science lab, teachers were able to see how this process is done on a larger scale! Rick Fox, the general manager, said, “Biofuels support farmers, improve engine performance, cost less at the pump, decrease dependence on foreign oil, provide jobs and in…

Feed the World 2019 workshop engages new teachers

Jul 3, 2019
30 teachers from across Ohio spent two days in inquiry-based, hands-on STEM lessons addressing Ohio science standards in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science and Middle School Science. The Feed the World workshop, held at Tri-Rivers Career Center, was sponsored by Ohio Corn & Wheat. Rebecca Wedertz from North Union High School heard about the workshop from a colleague. She said, “I’ve been working on sustainability with my environmental class. A lot of …

Biggest industry dinner ever!!

Jul 3, 2019
(For Feed the World, that is!) Participants in the Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World 2 day workshop learn how they can connect agriculture to the science standards for their middle school and high school students. The workshop’s industry dinner gives them the opportunity to meet people from various ag-related lines of work and hear more about their careers. This year’s dinner, hosted by Cy and Julie Prettyman, brought together …

Feed the World, out and about!

Jun 17, 2019
Feed the World alumni educator Jeremy Grove presented at the STEMM conference in Cleveland on a genetic transformation lab. This lab is part of our Biotechnology unit—check it out!

Ag educators ‘streaming’ live and indoors!

Jun 17, 2019
Feed the World lead educator Heather Bryan shared water quality lessons with teachers at the Ohio Association of Agricultural Educators summer conference. Participants learned how to set up an indoor ‘stream’ to check water quality. We love to share our resources with teachers! Hope to see you at a workshop or outreach event soon!

Fermentation and careers

May 31, 2019
Chris Klemm’s Northland High School Principles of Engineering class recently learned about fermentation and its applications to ethanol and more. The students went through the Corn fermentation in a bag lesson, part of the Energy and ethanol unit on our website. Klemm said, “My students were excited to make ethanol and did considerably better with lab safety and technique. We were not able to use glucoamylase, but amylase was available. …

Tech in ag: the value of soil sampling

May 30, 2019
Over- or under-fertilizing negatively impacts yield, so farmers need to know the needs of their soil. Above is a 60-acre field that was sampled in one-acre grids. The numbers listed represent the amount of phosphorus in parts per million in each grid. Note the variance from nine on the low side to 91 on the high side. What farmers are now able to do is create what we call “controller files” base…

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