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Virtual classroom resources

Mar 20, 2020
Looking for virtual classroom resources? We’ve got a lot of great curriculum on our site, and we’ve adapted things to make them virtual user-friendly! You can find links to curriculum—student and teacher documents—below. Also, take a look around the site….we have digital resources that can help students understand some additional background, too. Growing Ohio Calculating growing degree days (GDDs) What role does temperature play in corn production?Student document Corn field math How much corn can one acre grow?Student document • Teacher document Soil & sustainability Soil tex…

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Mar 20, 2020
Feed the World alumni educators Jennifer Foudray and Rachel Sanders run an interactive classroom at Global Impact STEM Academy. As …

Crops in the field during winter?

Feb 13, 2020
Difficult growing seasons mean farmers must make decisions about when to harvest their crops. credit: Dale Hildebrandt, Farm and Ranch …

Farming for the Future in Sheridan Middle School

Feb 4, 2020
Rebecca Foltz of Sheridan Middle School attended last summer’s two-day Feed the World workshop and was introduced to lots of …

Pizza and Conversation with Ohio Corn & Wheat

Jan 29, 2020
Three high school FFA organizations enjoyed some good food and food for thought, thanks to Ohio Corn & Wheat! These …

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June 24, 2020

2020 Feed the World summer workshop

London OH area (OH)
Currently we are planning to hold the workshop in a face-to-face setting, but if the situation changes, we will move the workshop to a virtual alternative. Hold the date, and watch for updates! How is science contributing to the future of food production and energy security?  See how science issues can be solved through agriculture. You’ll also take part in inquiry-based, hands-on science labs with an engineering design focus cove…

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Feeding the world

6 lessons

How can we feed 9 billion people? What are the limits to food production?

Soil and sustainability

8 lessons

How is farming a system? What are the inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, seed) and outputs (crop yield, emissions, runoff)? What impact does soil as a storage have on the consequences of these inputs and outputs?

Did you know?

Ohio corn is used for more than food

Ohio corn is used for feed, fuel and other renewable products.

Ethanol is energy positive

Ethanol produces three times more energy than it takes to produce it while consuming less water than other fuels.

There are seven operational ethanol plants and 120 E-85 stations in Ohio

40% of Ohio’s corn goes towards ethanol production without reducing available stocks for food and animal feed. 33% of the corn used to produce ethanol returns to the market as animal feed (DDGs). 523 million gallons of ethanol was produced in Ohio in 2016.

Ohio is the seventh leading producer of corn in the United States

There are more than 30,000 grain farmers throughout the state with over 14.3 million acres devoted to farmland (half of Ohio’s acreage).