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Meet a new Feed the World Alumni educator

Dec 14, 2018
Kristyn Keriazes teaches at Global Impact STEM Academy Middle School. She’s taught for 13 years, and heard about Feed the World from a fellow colleague who suggested that she might enjoy one of the workshops. She’s used these FTW lessons with her students: Corn Field Math, Lawn Chemicals, Soil Texture Labtivity, Population Rates, Punnett Squares, Corn Fermentation in a Bag, and though I haven’t used this one yet, I am particularly excited to try out “Soil your Undies!” Her favorite part of the workshops? “What was not my favorite part?! You can’t b…

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Dec 14, 2018
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Planning ahead pays off with corn lesson

Dec 10, 2018
Kendra Carnegie of Loudonville High School provided the students in her Animal and Plant Science class with a new and …

Learning outside of school

Nov 30, 2018
Noah Neiderhouse found that his students’ interest levels rose when they got outside the classroom. He used the “Growing Ohio” …

Comparing aerobic and anaerobic respiration with yeast

Nov 26, 2018
Bexley High School science teacher Janet Mulder attended Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World’s summer two-day workshop. See how …

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January 28, 2019

SECO: Inquiry with Soils

SECO, Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center
Why is soil important in agriculture? How does soil texture help to determine water movement, nutrient retention and crop yield? Teachers will explore both qualitative and quantitative hands-on labs to demonstrate a complete knowledge of soil texture. Help students get dirty with soils and build a good foundation on soil knowledge.

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9 lessons

What is the science behind biotechnology and genetic modification?

Water quality

5 lessons

How does the production of corn affect water quality? How is water quality tested?

Did you know?

Ethanol is energy positive

Ethanol produces three times more energy than it takes to produce it while consuming less water than other fuels.

Farmers are taking action to keep nutrients in the fields

Farmers are creating customized nutrient management plans utilizing the best farming practices to keep nutrients out of waterways and in their fields.

Edge-of-field testing is vital for environmental stewardship

More than $1 million is being invested by Ohio’s agricultural organizations to conduct on-farm, edge-of-field testing in order to determine exactly how nutrients are making it into Ohio’s waterways.

There are seven operational ethanol plants and 120 E-85 stations in Ohio

40% of Ohio’s corn goes towards ethanol production without reducing available stocks for food and animal feed. 33% of the corn used to produce ethanol returns to the market as animal feed (DDGs). 523 million gallons of ethanol was produced in Ohio in 2016.