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Real Ohio data for your Ohio students

Aug 17, 2023
Your students can practice the skills data scientists use as they examine real data from …

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Fighting food waste!

Aug 17, 2023
Did you know? The …

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Soil and sustainability

9 lessons

How is farming a system? What are the inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, seed) and outputs (crop yield, emissions, runoff)? What impact does soil as a storage have on the consequences of these inputs and outputs?

Water quality

6 lessons

How does the production of corn affect water quality? How is water quality tested?

Did you know?

A bushel of corn can provide several products.

A single bushel of corn could provide one of four essential product categories.

Corn is one of the top feed sources for many forms of livestock.

Demand for corn as a feed source for several types of livestock has been increasing in recent years.

Ethanol is energy positive.

Ethanol provides three times more energy than required to produce it, while consuming less water than other fuels.

There are seven major types of corn.

Most Ohioans are familiar with the delicious sweet corn we enjoy each year. However, there are actually seven different types of corn, each with a unique appearance and purpose.