Feed the World Alumni

FTW Alumni educators are an enthusiastic group of teachers who have previously attended at least one FTW workshop, maybe more! As alumni educators, they help Feed the World by leading outreach events, piloting curriculum, connecting with the agricultural industry, and bringing career awareness to their students. Take a look at some of the things they’re doing.

The latest

Our Alumni educators are active around the state! See how they’re using Feed the World resources with their students and introducing them to other educators!

🔗 CC 2019 (Heather)
What's this group of Ohio teachers doing in Orlando? Let's find out!
Thanks to Ohio Corn & Wheat, Plymouth HS ag science teacher Laura Ringler attended Commodity Classic, a national ag and educational event. Ringler said, "It was an amazing experience to see the problem solving, engineering, design, and research..."
Feed the World alumni educators Donna Meller of Pettisville High School and Jeff Jostpille of Fort Jennings High School presented "Soil on Your Fingertips!" at the recent BGSU NWO Symposium.
Scott Logsdon, Bexley HS teacher and FTW Alumni educator: "I loved the Feed the World workshop and would do it all over again for the labs and activities that we did. Hands on for sure!!! Great tour of the Ethanol Plant! I have a master plus 50 semester hours and this workshop ranks at the top of all professional development that I have done."
Checking for macro invertebrates in the FTW Soil and Water workshop!