Biofuels derivative provides asphalt addition

>As the world’s largest biofuels producer, POET is largely known for creating clean-burning, environmentally friendly biofuel to power cars on the road. Now, through the company’s latest product — JIVE™ asphalt rejuvenator — POET is replacing petrochemicals with bio-based products in a completely different market: the asphalt industry. The renewable product — which is a derivative of POET’s proprietary process — allows asphalt producers to use more recycled asphalt, which makes their product less expensive and is better for the environment.

JIVE gives asphalt more flexibility, meaning it can withstand more pressure. It allows asphalt to withstand higher — and lower — temperatures. It also replaces aromatic hydrocarbons and petrochemicals that are hazardous to the environment.

Read more about how this will benefit the environment and road construction.

credit: Vital by POET newsletter, March 2019