Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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Feed the World outreach at the fair

Aug 5, 2022
Feed the World was at the Ohio State Fair to engage and educate the public! Alumni educator Jeff Jostpille did two presentations dealing with soil . “My audience was a few adults but more grade school and middle school kids, so I tailored the presentation to them,” Jostpille said. “We discussed soil texture and the three particle sizes: sand, …

Listening and learning at farm dinner

Jun 30, 2022
Everyone eats—but where does that food come from? In an effort to encourage better understanding, a farm dinner during the Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored workshop gave teachers the chance to sit down with industry experts and farmers to learn more about feeding the world. OCW Executive Director Tadd Nicholson said, “A night like tonight is all …

Learning about feeding the world

Jun 30, 2022
27 teachers learned about how science is contributing to the future of global food and energy security. In the Ohio Corn and Wheat-sponsored Feed the World 2-day workshop, they worked through labs aligned to state standards. They also received supplies to take these activities back to their students. Ohio Corn & Wheat Executive Director Tadd …

A visit to Sunrise Co‑op

Jun 30, 2022
Teachers participating in the Feed the World workshop visited Sunrise Co-op in South Charleston. There, they learned about what a co-op is and what services it provides to its members. Regional sales manager Jeff Goodbar explained that the co-op is the largest single grain purchaser in Ohio. It shares profits with its 4500 grower-owners. The co-op …

Determining the right corn plant population

Jun 6, 2022
article by Matt Hutcheson, CCA, Product Manager, Seed Consultants, Inc. from Ohio Country Journal Feed the World’s Growing Ohio includes lessons on growing corn and predicting yield. How can yield be maximized? One factor that greatly influences corn yields is plant population. Determining the correct plant population may take some effort, …

Fueling small engines

May 27, 2022
Bryan Etzler, Agricultural Educator and FFA Advisor at Tinora High School, also received supplies from the Ohio Corn & Wheat Feed the World grant. He used them in his Ag Mechanics Class with engines and alternative fuels, to make ethanol . “The students liked the labs, especially the ethanol one, because they were making “moonshine” even …

More grant supplies in action!

May 26, 2022
Trevor Tom teaches at Franklin Local Community School. His school supply budget is limited, and he often has to purchase his own. Tom attended the ethanol workshop and then applied for a grant for more classroom materials. “I used the supplies with my Agricultural Science class,” Tom said. “We used the corn mash distillation lesson and nutrient …

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