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Feed the World lessons for rural educators

Sep 23, 2021
Twenty educators from rural Ohio districts had the opportunity to learn some new lessons as part of the Ohio Rural Educators Program (OREP). This project is funded by a three-year, $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to support the agriculture workforce development pipeline. Teachers gathered at the Ohio State University’s …

What is soil made of?

Sep 22, 2021
Recently Feed the World alumni educator Jeff Jostpille’s 8th grade science class at Fort Jennings High School learned the basics of soil: the components that form it and the weathering process that affects it. They also learned about soil texture and particle size. In the lab, each pair of students were assigned soil from around the local area to …

Checking water quality in the Little Miami

Sep 21, 2021
Water quality is important to all of us, and hands-on testing is an engaging way to emphasize that. Over 60 students in Amy Aspenwall’s AP Environmental science class at Loveland High School recently completed the macroinvertebrate study for water quality. They surveyed the Little Miami river near Maineville, Ohio. They also performed turbidity, …

Investigating water quality

Sep 17, 2021
What’s an estuary? A place where two chemically-distinct bodies of water meet and mix. Teachers visited a Lake Erie estuary in the Investigating water quality workshop, presented by Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio Corn & Wheat. Water quality is a hot topic in Ohio right now, and this workshop gave teachers the opportunity to learn about …

Educating others about improving water quality

Sep 17, 2021
Water quality in Ohio is the focus of the H2Ohio initiative, a comprehensive, data-driven water quality plan to reduce harmful algal blooms, improve wastewater infrastructure, and prevent lead contamination. Industry experts Breann Hohman and Beth Toot-Levy spoke to the Investigating water quality workshop participants about their work to improve …

Fall workshop will visit Ohio estuary

Aug 30, 2021
What’s an estuary? Estuaries and surrounding wetlands are bodies of water usually found where rivers meet the sea. Estuaries are home to unique plant and animal communities that have adapted to brackish water—a mixture of fresh water draining from the land and salty seawater. But estuaries can also be freshwater ecosystems. Along the Great Lakes, …

Soil microbes and hybrid vigor

Aug 2, 2021
The Feed the World Soil and sustainability lessons provide students with a variety of activities to better understand how soil functions as a system. This article provides a clear explanation of the importance of microbes in the soil. The tiny organisms living in soil may have a greater effect on the yield and pest and disease resistance of crop …

What’s in your water?

Jul 20, 2021
Farmers often get blamed for pollutant discharge into water near their land, but are they really the bad guys? According to a recent article by Ohio Farm Bureau staff, “municipalities have agreements with Ohio EPA to allow for a certain amount of sewage to be dumped directly into tributaries located in watersheds that flow into Lake Erie.” …

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