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Determining the right corn plant population

Jun 6, 2022
article by Matt Hutcheson, CCA, Product Manager, Seed Consultants, Inc. from Ohio Country Journal Feed the World’s Growing Ohio includes lessons on growing corn and predicting yield. How can yield be maximized? One factor that greatly influences corn yields is plant population. Determining the correct plant population may take some effort, …

Fueling small engines

May 27, 2022
Bryan Etzler, Agricultural Educator and FFA Advisor at Tinora High School, also received supplies from the Ohio Corn & Wheat Feed the World grant. He used them in his Ag Mechanics Class with engines and alternative fuels, to make ethanol . “The students liked the labs, especially the ethanol one, because they were making “moonshine” even …

More grant supplies in action!

May 26, 2022
Trevor Tom teaches at Franklin Local Community School. His school supply budget is limited, and he often has to purchase his own. Tom attended the ethanol workshop and then applied for a grant for more classroom materials. “I used the supplies with my Agricultural Science class,” Tom said. “We used the corn mash distillation lesson and nutrient …

Learning patience while learning science

May 23, 2022
Learning is happening all the time, and it may involve unexpected things. Molly Niese’s science class at Madison-Plains High School recently got some life lessons along with science knowledge. This was thanks to a supply grant from Ohio Corn & Wheat and Feed the World. Niese received a distillation kit to take her students through the Energy …

It’s more fun in a flock

May 9, 2022
Our Agvocates Trevor Horn and Shelby Dodds recently showed off their culinary skills at a special teacher event. Feed the World alumni educators gathered with other teacher leaders at the Ohio Poultry Association building for a poultry-focused evening. The attendees split into teams to create unique deviled egg fillings to …

Collaborative learning

May 5, 2022
Leslie Watson is an intervention specialist for the Seneca East Local School District. She received grant supplies from Ohio Corn & Wheat to help her implement Feed the World lessons in the classroom. “I took my 3 students into Ellen Lynch’s 7th Grade Science class of about 20 and we completed the Corn fermentation in a bag and ethanol lessons …

Learning about farming and food with OREP

May 4, 2022
Twelve teachers from the Ohio Rural Educator Program (OREP) recently explored food science in an all-day workshop. OREP teachers are middle and high school teachers from rural Ohio schools involved in a year-long professional learning cohort. This cohort provides training, resources, and ongoing support to these teachers to help bring agriculture …

A few ethanol facts

Apr 22, 2022
This article appeared in Ohio Country Journal in April 2022. By Matt Reese There are plenty of good-natured (and sometimes not-so-good-natured) debates within agriculture. In the current climate of jaw-dropping fuel prices and skyrocketing corn prices, though, few discussions generate stronger feelings within agricultural circles than ethanol. …

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