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One bushel of corn…..

Apr 23, 2020
All this from just one bushel of corn! source

Expert tips on writing workshop proposals

Apr 14, 2020
How do you craft a ‘winning’ workshop proposal, one that gets accepted? Pam Snyder, a bioscience teacher, recently retired after 35 years with Columbus City Schools. She has presented at NSTA at the local, regional, and national levels. In a recent webinar, Snyder shared what has worked for her in terms of submitting proposals. Teachers from …

Virtual classroom resources

Mar 20, 2020
Looking for virtual classroom resources? We’ve got a lot of great curriculum on our site, and we’ve adapted things to make them virtual user-friendly! You can find links to curriculum—student and teacher documents—below. Also, take a look around the site….we have digital resources that can help students understand some additional background, …

Online lab science!

Mar 20, 2020
Feed the World alumni educators Jennifer Foudray and Rachel Sanders run an interactive classroom at Global Impact STEM Academy. As part of their response to school closures, they decided to adapt the Fermentation in a Bag lab to prep and mail home to students so they could conduct an actual experiment at home. Sanders is using this lab to …

Crops in the field during winter?

Feb 13, 2020
Difficult growing seasons mean farmers must make decisions about when to harvest their crops. credit: Dale Hildebrandt, Farm and Ranch Guide Wet fields, delayed maturity of the row crops and low commodity prices paired up with high propane prices have resulted in some farmers saying maybe they will leave part of their 2019 row crops to stand in …

Farming for the Future in Sheridan Middle School

Feb 4, 2020
Rebecca Foltz of Sheridan Middle School attended last summer’s two-day Feed the World workshop and was introduced to lots of great curriculum on our website . She talks about what she took back to her students: The lesson I chose to do with my 6th graders was Farming for the Future , as an extension of our unit on soil. Our school is located in a …

Pizza and Conversation with Ohio Corn & Wheat

Jan 29, 2020
Three high school FFA organizations enjoyed some good food and food for thought, thanks to Ohio Corn & Wheat! These schools were chosen in a drawing during Farm Science Review. Feed the World lead educator Heather Bryan and Ohio Corn & Wheat’s Brad Moffitt visited Westfall High School, Botkins High School, and Cory-Rawson High School. …

Bioplastics: engineering a new market for Nebraska corn

Dec 19, 2019
The Problem Petroleum-based plastics are created using a man-made polymer called polyethylene terephthalate (or PET). Unlike other biodegradable materials such as food, or even newspapers, PET does not break down when exposed to the elements. In the six decades that the PET polymer has been available for mass production, around 8.3 billion metric …

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