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“Ear’s” looking at you, corn!

Mar 2, 2021
Mark Starkey of Western Reserve High School engaged his students with the Growing Ohio lessons as one of their first in-person activities this school year. “The anatomy of the corn plant certainly fits into agricultural education in many facets, especially plant and animal science. Corn serves as the staple crop for our state and the whole “Corn …

New Study Highlights the Environmental Benefits of Corn-Ethanol Showing a Reduction in Carbon Emissions by Almost 50 Percent

Feb 18, 2021
A new study further emphasizes the need and benefits of corn ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply. Scientists from Harvard University, Tufts University and Environmental Health & Engineering Inc., in Carbon Intensity of Corn Ethanol in the United States: State of the Science showed that corn ethanol reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 46 …

Growing an education network

Jan 26, 2021
Farmers are feeding and fueling a growing world. They want the public to understand aspects of modern farming, and the industry needs talent to fill important jobs of the future. Ohio Corn & Wheat (OCW) realizes the critical role teachers play in helping to meet these goals. Through our education program, Feed the World, OCW has supported …

Wrestling with bacterial transformation

Jan 18, 2021
Learning involves information, action, and understanding. Erin Molden of Kettering Fairmont High School recently used a bacterial transformation lesson from Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World to challenge the learning of her junior and senior Biotechnology students. Before starting the lab, Molden met with her students on a Zoom …

High hopes for short corn

Jan 6, 2021
High Hopes for Short Corn: Short-stature hybrids aim to fit fields of the future by Pamela Smith, Iowa Corn DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) — Picket fence stands of hybrid corn towering skyward could take on a different look in coming years. Suddenly, short is where it’s at, at least for Bayer Crop Science. Hybrids that are about a third to half in height …

Fermentation factories and concept maps

Dec 3, 2020
When distanced, try a demonstration! Eaton High School biology teacher Amy Kochensparger used this method to teach the corn fermentation in a bag lesson to her students. “Remote learning and social distancing made student interaction with this lab a challenge,” she said. “I did a live demo of the fermentation factory lab , and students made …

Online learning with Feed the World at Bexley High School

Nov 25, 2020
“Learning about all the resources available on the Feed the World website has helped out greatly with teaching students remotely,” said Jennifer Messerly, a biology and AP environmental science at Bexley High School. Messerly attended the virtual Feed the World workshop this summer and has incorporated several of the activities in her teaching …

Assessing water quality in virtual collaboration

Nov 25, 2020
Teaching remotely makes things challenging, especially science activities, but Jennifer Messerly of Bexley High School came up with creative ways to meet objectives in her AP environmental science class. Students were in class for a soil testing activity, so they brought in soil from home and performed several chemical and physical tests. “My …

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