Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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Corn power!

Mar 11, 2023
Champion High School STEM students researched corn as a sustainable fuel to power vehicles. They made renewable diesel , then fermented corn mash to make ethanol , and powered steam boats with their fuel. A grant from Ohio Corn & Wheat and Feed the World provided all the materials to aid students in their research. Students used a laboratory …

Fermentation process experiments

Mar 5, 2023
Erin Molden teaches at Kettering Fairmont High School. She received distillation equipment from Ohio Corn & Wheat and Feed the World through our fall grant program. Here she shares about the excitement of using the equipment in the classroom: Each school year my classes (Intro to Biotech, Junior Biotech Lab, Senior Biotech Lab) learn about …

Ethanol workshop provides hands-on experience

Feb 3, 2023
Twenty-two Ohio teachers gathered at Otterbein University recently for energy and ethanol lessons in a workshop sponsored by Ohio Corn & Wheat and Ohio’s corn farmers. This event gave them the opportunity to experience science lessons and receive supplies for their classrooms. This workshop began with participants turning corn oil into …

Ethanol: a great option

Feb 3, 2023
Why is ethanol so important today? Participants at the Ohio Corn & Wheat sponsored Focus on energy and ethanol workshop heard about ethanol’s benefits from industry experts. John Settlemyre, Ohio corn farmer, Ohio Corn & Wheat President, and National Corn Growers Association Ethanol Action Team member, spoke about his role as an ethanol …

A new twist on DNA extraction

Feb 1, 2023
DNA extraction—how can we make this activity even better? Challenge students to develop their own protocol for the procedure! Feed the World educator Heather Bryan led a group of 14 science teachers through this lesson at the Science Education Council of Ohio’s 2023 Science Symposium. Participants were tasked with creating a protocol for …

Short corn is smart corn

Jan 10, 2023
(from news ) How do we grow enough to feed and fuel the world around us? Could we create a more sustainable, healthy and resilient food system while helping farmers create better harvests with less land, water and energy? We believe we can. And we believe that work starts before the seed even reaches the soil. On a farm, the challenges …

Summit County ESC Exploring Energy workshop

Dec 9, 2022
Feed the World was part of this workshop, sharing about ethanol as a renewable fuel with area teachers. Lead educator Heather led a discussion on the importance of agriculture in the creation of biofuels such as ethanol and renewable diesel. “The teachers had a lot of great questions about ethanol blends and their use in modern vehicles. We also …

Soil doctors to the rescue

Sep 30, 2022
What does soil need to be healthy and produce abundant crops? This week’s virtual field trip to Sunrise Cooperative tackled those topics and more! “We’re figuring out more about what is happening under our feet—anything we can do to help that microbiome produce more corn,” Sunrise’s Jonah Johnson, Soils Agronomist and Progressive Crop Technology …

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