Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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Taking it to the screen

Jun 30, 2020
The global pandemic changed the 2-day Feed the World workshop from an in-person event to a virtual one, but the learning didn’t skip a beat. 27 teachers from around the state participated in Ohio Corn & Wheat’s first online teacher workshop. Each participant was mailed a box of supplies ahead of time, so they could follow along with hands-on labs and activities from their homes. This helped them see how …

High tech and data in ag today

Jun 30, 2020
Elizabeth Hawkins, an Extension Field Specialist with the Ohio State University, works with farmers to maximize productivity while stewarding the environment. Hawkins is part of eFields, an OSU program striving to advance production agriculture through the use of field-scale research. The program conducts on-farm studies to help farmers understand how utilizing new practices and techniques can improve farm efficiency and profitability. Current projects focus on the development of analytical tools …

Hand Sanitizer - POET’s Newest Co‑product

Jun 15, 2020
from VITAL magazine, Spring 2020 issue Soon after COVID-19 began sweeping the nation, consumers started rapidly stocking up on health-safety products to protect themselves from the virus. Adobe Analytics, an agency that monitors E-commerce transactions for the top 80 online retailers, reported that the December-to-January demand for hand sanitizer jumped more than 1,000%. Nielsen, a company that collects sales data from point of sale scanners, reported hand sanitizer sales in the United States …

New gene-editing technique eliminates GMO ‘delivery vehicle’ for CRISPR crops

Jun 11, 2020
credit: Genetic Literacy Project, Greg Watry | University of California Davis | June 3, 2020 Despite evidence that demonstrates genetically-modified crops are as safe as crops produced through traditional breeding, sections of the public remain suspicious about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). For UC Davis Professor of Plant Biology Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar, this lingering suspicion has sparked a drive to develop genetically modified plants that eschew “transgenic” labels. In a collaborative study published today in Nature Plan…

Growing Hope in a difficult time

May 15, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and abruptly changed education for the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Teachers worked to convert lessons to online learning and maintain contact with students. To encourage both teachers and students, Ohio Corn & Wheat, along with the Ohio Soybean Council, the National Corn Growers, and, sponsored an outreach project: Growing Hope. Several Feed the World alumni educators took advantage of this offer …

A battle plan for ensuring global food supplies during the COVID-19 crisis

May 11, 2020
credit: FAO Chief Economist Maximo Torero Cullen, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on a crisis footing, with unprecedented actions to restrict movements and plans for radical deployment of public funds to combat the threat posed by a novel coronavirus that knows no boundaries. Success will entail coherent and robust plans for our food systems. FAO Chief Economist Maximo Torero Cullen …

Using CRISPR to develop superior corn hybrids

May 7, 2020
credit: N. Doane Chilcoat, Leader, Applied Science and Technology, Corteva Agriscience, in Nature Research Bioengineering Community Throughout history, humans have improved crops. Using many methods, including domestication, hybridization, and transgenesis, people have worked to better food quality and crop yield. As technology advanced, so did the speed and precision of crop improvement. CRISPR-Cas is a breakthrough technology for crop improvement. But before CRISPR crops can be commercialized globally, public acceptance …

Distance learning with fermentation lab

Apr 30, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges for teachers and students, and Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World was there to help! Feed the World provided materials for Loveland High School teacher Jamie Allison’s students to conduct the Fermentation in a Bag lab, from FTW’s Energy and Ethanol curriculum, through distance learning. Allison said his junior Biotechnology class is studying about fermentation and fermentation technologies. “This is a perfect fit …

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