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Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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Pizza and Conversation with Ohio Corn & Wheat

Jan 29, 2020
Three high school FFA organizations enjoyed some good food and food for thought, thanks to Ohio Corn & Wheat! These schools were chosen in a drawing during Farm Science Review. Feed the World lead educator Heather Bryan and Ohio Corn & Wheat’s Brad Moffitt visited Westfall High School, Botkins High School, and Cory-Rawson High School. Moffitt shared about the new H2Ohio initiative that Governor DeWine has put into place …

One of the favorite lab activities of the year!

Dec 18, 2019
Looking for an engaging activity to connect with AP Environmental Science? Catherine Howard at Stow-Munroe Falls High School used activities and supplies from the Feed the World workshop as part of the Earth’s Systems and Resources unit. This unit included a subsection on soil formation and properties of soil that she addressed primarily through a background reading assignment and the two-day lab. Howard provided students with soil from three different …

BioClub takes learning outside

Nov 12, 2019
How does run-off affect water quality and biodiversity? Kelly Mikhail’s BioClub students at Worthington Christian High School wanted to find out! Mikhail recently attended the Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Focus on Soil and Water Quality workshop and received supplies to use with her students. First, club officers set up an indoor stream, part of Feed the World’s Water quality unit, for members to identify and test water quality from two …

Real-world applications for water quality issues

Nov 8, 2019
Cameron Spencer’s 7th grade science class at West Liberty Salem Middle School completed water quality tests from Feed the World as part of their Water, Air & Space unit. The class discussed the concepts of non-point source pollution, water quality issues, and basic field stream monitoring, as well as algal blooms in Ohio. These topics correlate to state standards in Life Science (Cycles of Matter and Flow of Energy) and …

Water quality in the water cycle

Oct 22, 2019
A lesson on the hydrologic cycle led naturally to water quality for Tracy Van Balen’s 7th grade science students at Sheridan Middle School. She used Feed the World’s Water quality lessons and activities that she’d practiced at the summer workshop. Penny Cox, an educator with Perry County Soil and Water, visited the class, bringing her erosion model and a cross section model showing underground water sources. The students learned about …

“Don’t Get So Close to Me!”

Oct 11, 2019
How does the number of corn plants per acre affect yield? How can one be sure about the validity of assessment? Thanks to last summer’s Tech in Ag workshop, Kelly Mikhail of Worthington Christian High School was able to teach her Molecular and Cellular Biology Honors students how to assess data and determine its reliability. Dr. Alex Lindsey of OSU provided 10 corn stalks from each of the experimental variable seed …

Anthony Wayne FFA does water sampling

Oct 8, 2019
by Anthony Wayne FFA Reporter Maggie Burkett On Wednesday, October 2nd, the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, or AFNR, 1 and 2 classes went and collected water samples. The AW schools are lucky to have Swan Creek run through the property! The AFNR 1 and 2 students have been studying water quality in their classes and went down to Swan Creek to take water samples. They also identified other things they found in the …

Fermentation and careers

May 31, 2019
Chris Klemm’s Northland High School Principles of Engineering class recently learned about fermentation and its applications to ethanol and more. The students went through the Corn fermentation in a bag lesson, part of the Energy and ethanol unit on our website. Klemm said, “My students were excited to make ethanol and did considerably better with lab safety and technique. We were not able to use glucoamylase, but amylase was available. …

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