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Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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Workshop water quality kit at work in Morrow County

Jan 26, 2017
Beau Wolford, advisor to the Cardington—Lincoln Jr. High Science Club, and teacher Donna Kill taught a water quality unit to the club, then spent a school day exploring the Whetstone River Watershed of Morrow County. The group met with Matt Stooksbury, a Conservation Technician of Morrow County Soil and Water Conservation District at Headwaters Education Center. Mr. Stooksbury explained the watersheds of Ohio and took the group to the Ro…

Mini-grant leads to modern data collection

Jan 23, 2017
Heather Nicholson’s 7th grade science students at Mt. Gilead Middle School have gained new technology from a Feed the World mini-grant. The students are using iPads to complete virtual labs and collect lab data. This spring, they will be using the iPads as they collect water quality data from creeks and streams in our community. Nicholson said, “Curriculum from Feed the World, along with iPads purchased from the mini-grant, has …

Getting to know corn inside and out

Jan 5, 2017
You can count the rings on a tree; you can look at a horse’s teeth; but to know the age of a corn plant, you’ll have to go deeper. That’s what David Stacklin showed his students at Penta Career Center, splitting corn stalks to determine the growth stage. Penta Career Center has a school farm on the grounds, so the class toured the farm and examined the crops….

FTW alumni educator reaches out at NWO Symposium

Nov 23, 2016
Feed the World alumni Donna Meller led an outreach event, “Creating a Sustainable World: Ethanol as an Alternative Energy Source”, at the NWO Symposium, held at Bowling Green State University in November. Meller focused on how educators can integrate agriculture into the science classroom and why this is an important connection for the students. Many fields of science are used in agriculture and teachers need to be aware of the caree…

From agronomist to teacher, Liston sees importance of ag

Nov 23, 2016
Tolles CTC’s Mike Liston is a classroom teacher with extensive background knowledge about agriculture. He has an agronomy degree from the Ohio State University with a focus on turf grass, crops and soils. Before becoming a teacher, he worked with Chemlawn and did property maintenance and landscape work for Nationwide Insurance. Liston said he decided to get into teaching because he enjoyed training employees and working with youth. Liston sa…

Classroom connections to the wide field of agriculture

Nov 23, 2016
Ashley Thompson teaches agriculture science at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. Her day covers a variety of classes, from plant and animal science, to ag & industrial power and welding, to livestock selection and management, and finally greenhouse and nursery management.  Thompson said she thought the workshop did an excellent job of linking science and agriculture. “The materials allow teachers to leave feeling prepared and confident in sharing this information with their…

What kind of soil do worms prefer?

Nov 9, 2016
Christina Howard, Black River High School agricultural education teacher & FFA advisor, conducted the Feed The World soil labs with her Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources classes and her Animal and Plant Sciences class.   Prior to the labs Howard’s class talked about the advantages and disadvantages of conventionally treated soil. The students set up a pan with both types of soil, separated by cardboard, then lifted the cardboard and let …

Corn connections between classrooms

Oct 28, 2016
B. J. McMahan teaches sixth grade science in Marietta, Ohio, a semi-rural area. McMahan said, “While many of our students have seen or visited a farm, few have any working knowledge about aspects of farming. Truthfully, neither did I!”  She saw the Ohio Corn and Wheat-sponsored Feed the World workshop as a great opportunity to expand her horizons, and in turn, those of her students. “I decided to bring along Ginger B…

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