Visiting Commodity Classic 2019

Commodity Classic is “America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused agricultural and educational experience”. Ohio Corn & Wheat sponsored a trip for Plymouth High School teacher Laura Ringler.

Thank you, Ohio Corn & Wheat, for sponsoring my attendance at the 2019 Commodity Classic. The vendors I visited and the sessions I attended there are relevant and important to my classroom and the future of agriculture. More efficient farm machinery, data collection and management, the latest in product development, and how to educate the public were just a few of my take-aways from the event. I networked with other Ohio science educators, and I was also able to make business and industry connections that will benefit my local program as well as others.

We’ll be working together with to develop meaningful curriculum linking the classroom with business and industry. The classroom is made much more relevant when real world problem-based learning can take place. There are endless possibilities in the field of agriculture and what job is more important than feeding the world? We have many problems in the world until we run short on food—then there is just one problem. The field of agriculture is working diligently to ensure that is never a problem. It was an amazing experience to see the problem solving, engineering, design, research and potential for a future for our students in this field.