STEM learning at Henry County fair

Rides, food, exhibits—and STEM education?!? Yes, teachers got it all at Feed the World alumni Donna Meller’s “Ag + Science = STEM” presentation at the Henry County Fair! Sponsored by the Henry County Farm Bureau, Ohio Corn & Wheat, and the Ohio Soybean Council, Meller provided hands-on lessons for teachers from kindergarten through sixth grade. These lessons are tied to Ohio Science Standards and are designed to help children understand more about global ag and where their food comes from.

Meller shared the lesson Explore an ear of corn from the Feed the World website and modified some additional lessons from Growing Ohio for her elementary audience. Teachers were able to make either corn or soybean seed necklaces. Each participant received Feed The World notebooks and corn growth posters.

For a Food Science connection, Meller demonstrated how to make butter with her audience. They created a small sample and tasted it at the end of the workshop. Meller used ag commodities to demonstrate density and discussed how mass and volume can differ according to a molecules physical state.

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