Welcome to the farm!

A highlight of the workshop each year is the industry dinner, which connects teachers with farmers, Ohio Corn & Wheat board members, and agriculture business people. This year’s dinner was hosted by Gary and Nancy George, who farm in Findlay. 

Sharing a meal together provided an opportunity for conversation about the challenges farmers face today, as well as allowing teachers to ask questions about sustainability, developments in agriculture, and efforts to protect the environment. 

“I really enjoyed the dinner,” said Carrollton High School ag teacher Etta Ray. “We were able to talk a lot about industry. i teach in eastern Ohio and there are not large corn farms near me. Being able to get the hands-on story from actual corn farmers was awesome!”

The Georges had an impressive array of farm equipment nearby. Teachers were able to get in the cabs and see the large amount of technology employed in farming today. Logan Haake, who handles precision ag for Legacy Co-op, demonstrated a drone to the group.