Planning ahead pays off with corn lesson

Kendra Carnegie of Loudonville High School provided the students in her Animal and Plant Science class with a new and different look at corn. Thanks to careful planning, Carnegie planted corn and used those plants to determine the vegetative state in a lab from Feed the World’s Growing Ohio curriculum.

Carnegie said none of the students had ever done a project like this before. “They enjoyed getting to look at the stages of corn growth, especially seeing the kernel of corn still barely clinging to its original appearance from being planted 8 weeks ago.”

These activities fit with the state objectives 8.2.1 Identify the reproductive anatomy of plants and describe their physiological functions and 8.1.3 Determine the nutrient rquirements of plants. The lab also explored when fertilizer could be added to the growing plants.

Carnegie said, “This was a good early winter lab to get the students and myself remotivated!”