Making the most of fall weather!

Nineteen educators recently gathered at Highbanks Metro Park in Delaware for a unique one-day Feed the World workshop. Sponsored by Ohio Corn & Wheat, the event focused on water quality and soil and sustainability. This one-day workshop allowed all present to dig deep into the soil and water lessons, with each individual doing every part of the activities in a park shelter house near a fireplace. (Some would have preferred to be even nearer to the fire, but teachers must be tough!)

Participants included teachers from all over the state, as well as educators from the Seneca Conservation District and the Environmental Education Office of the Ohio EPA. Three lucky teachers were chosen as winners of kick seine nets: Danielle Wall and Tracy Merica from Graham Middle School and Liza Walsh from Milford High School.

The morning’s soil activities included soil texturing, a slake test, nutrient assessment, and a fertilizer application simulation. After lunch, teachers learned how to set up a stream simulation in the classroom. Then the group donned boots and waders and entered the Olentangy River to perform biotic sampling, chemical tests, and biodiversity assessments.

Evaluation comments highly praised the opportunity for “hands-on learning!”, as this is not always included in such professional development events. Mike Slone of Graham Middle School said, “Thank all of you for the wonderful professional development provided by Ohio Corn & Wheat. Everything presented and materials provided will benefit kids, and that is what makes PD important to us.”

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