How will you use what you learned in the workshop?

“If we can grow some corn in the classroom and then dissect it, that would be awesome. Most of this stuff is hands-on, and my kids especially thrive on those activities. “ Jeff Baker teaches middle school science, physical science, and biology in ALPHA, a result oriented program to rehabilitate students in Perry County who are involved with the Juvenile Court. He found the activities at the workshop a great fit for what he’s teaching, since his students learn more from activities and labs than from just reading.

Baker said about the workshop, “I’ve learned lots of things! I’ve never done a pGlo test or dissected a cornstalk. Even though I drive past corn all the time, I only knew a few parts. The dissection is interesting and would be easy for my kids to do.”

Baker had a special thanks for Ohio Corn & Wheat and the farmers whose check-off dollars make the Feed the World program possible. “I’m impressed with the things you do, and you probably have no idea how much of an impact you make by sponsoring this.” Baker especially appreciates the ready-to-use aspect of the lessons and the supplies workshop participants receive.

He looks forward to using the Feed the World lessons in his classroom. “For my kids who get bussed past cornfields all the time but don’t know anything about it, it’s going to really open their eyes. Exposing these students to all the jobs related to agriculture is going to be very valuable, also.”