Hear about the benefits of one-day Feed the World workshops!

Donna Parrish teaches science at Oberlin High School. She attended the two-day Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World workshop last summer and came back for the one-day soil and water workshop this fall. Here’s what she had to say about her experiences:

“I loved the idea that the fall workshop was really focused on one topic—well, two topics—Soil and water! I also knew the workshop would be super useful and worth the trip after seeing how great the summer one was.

“Several courses I teach, such as higher level biology and environmental systems and societies have curriculum directly related to water and soil quality. I have struggled to find any quality hands-on activities that I can use in the classroom, and I think several of the ones we did at the workshop, especially the soil slake test, nutrient testing, water quality ID, and chemical water testing, will work really well!

“I absolutely love how you run these workshops, so that we get hands-on experience. The best professional development are ones where people don’t just talk at us. I love being able to try all of the experiments and ask questions, so that I can actually teach it and know what I’m talking about.”