Flooding in Findlay Can’t Stop Feed the World

Despite unusual flood conditions in the town of Findlay, 30 teachers gathered for the second OCW-sponsored Feed the World workshop. The group included teachers from a variety of high school science disciplines, all engaged in exploring the topics of GMOs/Biotechnology, Energy and Ethanol, Water Quality, Soil and Sustainability and the challenges of Feeding the World.

After day one of the workshop at the University of Findlay, presenter Heather Bryan switched hats to host a farm dinner at her home. Bryan’s husband, other farmers, industry experts and OCW board members shared with workshop participants about farming and modern ag. The teachers appreciated this opportunity, commenting, “The breadth of the information available to us from the industry to classroom is amazing.” “It is so nice to be valued by the people in the industry. I see all of our success link to the cooperative/supportive spirit.” “I’d like more time with industry people-I learned so much at the dinner.”

Teachers continued sharing labs on day 2, then went on a field trip to the POET Biorefining facility in Leipsic, Ohio. Plant manager Mike Knueven gave a background on ethanol production and the operations at that location, and then the teachers toured the facility. (Unfortunately, the ethanol produced by the Findlay workshop group wasn’t quite as pure as the Springfield group’s output when tested by POET!) The workshop participants left with supplies to go through the FTW lessons with their students, so watch for updates and reports!