Come on in—the water’s fine!

After learning about testing water quality in the classroom, what better way to practice those skills than a hands-on, in-the-water activity? Feed the World workshop participants in Cleveland performed lab tests, then headed for Lake Erie to check the quality of the lake’s water. You can check out the water quality curriculum here.

An enthusiastic group waded into the water with seines and proceeded to do some kick-seining. This method of biotic sampling has students practice identifying and counting macroinvertebrates to assess water quality. Due to rough waves that day, they were unable to conclude this test accurately. They did perform chemical tests to check levels of dissolved oxygen, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate and temperature. Results were good, with a low nitrate level and a high level of dissolved oxygen.

The group then celebrated the good results with ice cream! Food is always a good motivator, you know. :)