Workshop Materials a “Wealth of Knowledge”

Becky Minton teaches at Peebles High School. After attending this summer’s Feed the World workshop, she’s using workshop curriculum in her Plant and Animal Sciences and Agriculture and Food and Natural Resources classes. Minton said, “The lesson plans have nice background information and good activities. I truly enjoyed the workshop I attended and the way information was presented to us—it was great to get to learn as the students would.”

Minton has seen good results from the ‘active learning’ lessons. “My students were excited to get to learn using a more hands-on approach. I am constantly trying to find ways to incorporate hands-on methods to teach an idea. My students responded well to both the activity and the questions about it. After the activity they had a better understanding of the material and performed better on the test than the usual average. By far the favorite lesson was the leaf collar method—they had so much fun tearing into the stalk trying to find the different parts that they were looking for.”

All participants in the workshop received $300 worth of classroom science materials. Minton has found these materials very useful. She said, “The resource book has been a wealth of knowledge and use to me. It is a great tool to have when teaching the lessons.” Her class has gone through Growing Ohio: Leaf Collar Method and Explore an Ear of Corn and Soil and Sustainability: Soil Texture, Soil Texture Labtivity & Nutrient Content, pH & Soil Testing.

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