Student’s independent ethanol research made possible with grant

Cinda Murray, a Northwestern High School teacher in Albion, Pennsylvania, received a $500 grant from Feed the World, sponsored by Ohio Corn & Wheat. This grant allowed Murray to purchase two distillation apparatuses for her classroom. Taylor Ryan, a senior Chemistry 2 student, chose to perform an independent research project for the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition, investigating the production of alcohol in relation to fermentation times.

Ryan said, “My hypothesis was supported by my data. While the trials of 2 day fermentation time and 5 day fermentation time did not differ on a large scale, it was very apparent that the 10 day fermentation trials produced a significantly higher amount of ethanol. Trial 2 of the 10 day fermentation time produced the most ethanol as well as the highest alcohol content. In conclusion, there was more ethanol produced as the fermentation time increased.”

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