Meet a new Feed the World Alumni educator: Matt McCormick

Matt McCormick has been teaching for 18 years, and he currently teaches 9th grade Physical Science and 11-12th Astronomy/Geology at Lorain JVS. He learned about Feed the World through the agricultural education instructor at his school. McCormick said his favorite parts of the workshop were “meeting other teachers who want to connect agriculture with their classrooms and being introduced to the great lab activities that I can use in my curriculum.”

He’s currently using the Feed the World labs Fermentation in a bag and Distillation of ethanol. McCormick said including agriculture in his science lessons helps students learn how science and technology are able to provide solutions to food shortages and energy needs. “It provides another example that I can show my students of how simple concepts of chemistry can be used in their everyday lives.”

In his spare time, McCormick enjoys working in his yard, playing games with his son, and keeping his automobiles running smoothly.