Meet a new Feed the World Alumni educator: Kristyn Keriazes

Kristyn Keriazes teaches at Global Impact STEM Academy Middle School. She’s taught for 13 years, and heard about Feed the World from a colleague who suggested that she might enjoy one of the workshops.

She’s used these FTW lessons with her students: Corn Field Math, Lawn Chemicals, Soil Texture Labtivity, Population Rates, Punnett Squares, Corn Fermentation in a Bag, and though I haven’t used this one yet, I am particularly excited to try out “Soil your Undies!”

Her favorite part of the workshops? “What was not my favorite part?! You can’t beat learning about great lessons, getting free resources, and having good company! Every moment of the workshops are engaging and exciting.”

Keriazes said, “Including agriculture in my science lessons is an opportunity to develop problem-solving skills in my students in a relevant, unique, and tangible manner.  Since attending the Feed the World workshops, my knowledge of agriculture and the important role it plays in our state, nation, and world have increased dramatically. I am excited to say that I am better equipped to help my students make these connections and discoveries, thus enabling richer and deeper learning experiences.”

For fun, she enjoys hanging out with her family, taste testing ice cream flavors from various vendors purely for scientific purposes, finding memes to use in her classroom, painting, and organizing her spice rack!