Inner-city science with Feed the World materials

Jeremy Grove, an agriscience teacher at East Technical High School in Cleveland, attended the Feed the World workshop and shares his experience with those materials:

I am utilizing the Feed the World curriculum specifically with my 7th grade class and I have pulled lessons to teach with my Animal & Plant Science courses at the high school level. We have completed the pGLO Bacterial Transformation lab and we are preparing to conduct the ethanol labs once I receive a shipment of supplies.

Having the Feed the World curriculum has been extremely helpful in deciding a pathway to teach my seventh grade classes. I have the students for a semester at a time, and what better curriculum to teach than this? Teaching an urban population is much different than a rural population. Though the students enjoy some parts of the lessons and labs, they were not expecting to conduct math. “Mr. Grove, you’re not the math teacher; why are we doing this?” Questions like this have led to conversations about the importance of STEM in all of agriculture.

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