Growing Hope in a difficult time

The COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and abruptly changed education for the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Teachers worked to convert lessons to online learning and maintain contact with students. To encourage both teachers and students, Ohio Corn & Wheat, along with the Ohio Soybean Council, the National Corn Growers, and, sponsored an outreach project: Growing Hope.

Several Feed the World alumni educators took advantage of this offer to reach out to their class. The notecard said, “I miss you and look forward to seeing you when school starts again. Here’s a great reminder that the future is bright and full of hope for all of us… Plant this seed paper and watch as the flowers grow!” The teachers received a package with enough notes, seed papers, envelopes, and postage to mail to their students. The outreach project was met with great enthusiasm and appreciation by all participants!