GMO speed dating—find the perfect match!

The students in Joyce Pippert’s biology class have been studying about GMOs: what they are, what they’re not, and the benefits that they bring. As closure to the unit, Pippert had them do the GMO speed dating activity from the Feed the World curriculum.

Each student received either a donor or a recipient card with information about the organism and how using it to create a GMO could be helpful. Students had to pair up with what they considered the best “mate,” similar to a dating game. The students enjoyed finding a suitable partner.

Pippert, who teaches in Findlay City Schools, said, “We stressed the use of GMOs in agriculture.” One example was creating a tomato that wouldn’t freeze; another was making a potato that glowed. In addition to having fun, students learned the practical applications of creating GMOs. One example is making papaya that is resistant to a virus so the crop production in Hawaii would increase again. Pippert said, This was a very educational process, and students really enjoyed the unit.”

This activity is part of the Biotechnology unit, helping students understand the science behind biotechnology and genetic modification. Want to know more? Come to our summer workshop in Findlay!