GlenOak students learn from kit won in giveaway!

Limited school budgets make it difficult for teachers to provide materials to cover all science topics. Thanks to Ohio Corn & Wheat, GlenOak High School teacher Dori Hess received a free GFP kit to use with her AP biology students.

Green fluorescent protein, or GFP, is extremely hydrophobic compared to bacterial proteins. Unique characteristics of GFP enable it to be purified from bacterial cell proteins using HIC columns. When placed in a buffer containing a high concentration of salt, the HIC matrix selectively binds hydrophobic GFP molecules while allowing the bacterial proteins to pass through the column. Then, simply lowering the salt concentration of the buffer causes GFP to elute from the column in pure form. pGLO bacterial transformation and GFP purification together explore key processes used in biotechnology to produce and purify “designer proteins” with commercial or research value.

In AP Biology, students are to have an understanding for the structure and function of protein’s DNA and the process of transformation and transcription/translation. This lab provided students with an opportunity to see how proteins are purified after transformation.

Hess said, “At first the students struggled a bit with the lab, but eventually they became familiar with the techniques and enjoyed seeing how proteins could be separated.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to try this lab,” Hess added. “It provided both myself and my students with the opportunity to learn how protein purification can be carried out and used in the field of science.”

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