FTW alumni educator reaches out at NWO Symposium

Feed the World alumni Donna Meller led an outreach event, “Creating a Sustainable World: Ethanol as an Alternative Energy Source”, at the NWO Symposium, held at Bowling Green State University in November.

Meller focused on how educators can integrate agriculture into the science classroom and why this is an important connection for the students. Many fields of science are used in agriculture and teachers need to be aware of the career possibilities. Meller led the participants through the activity Corn Fermentation in a Bag. Lisa Fast of Ayersville High School won a free supply kit to do the lab in her classroom.

Meller has attended FTW workshops in the past and wanted to reach out to other teachers. She said, “My goal is to share ways for teachers to make agricultural connections in the science classroom. Agriculture is a perfect way to provide hands-on activities that teach many science standards. Many students, even those from rural communities, have become disconnected from where their food comes from. Activities and lessons that teach science principles involving agriculture helps them better understand how food is grown and raised.”

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