FTW alumni Allyssa McMullen WINS!!

Allyssa McMullen teaches at River View High School. She attended the 2015 Feed the World workshop. McMullen said the workshop provided useful tools and ideas for her classroom. “I was able to teach about the ethanol process and the students developed research projects based on that information. We also did some great hands-on lessons including soil testing and water quality monitoring that helped connect the students to the environment and helped them to realize our impact on the natural resources in our area.” 

As part of a give-away to FTW alumni, McMullen recently won a a teacher kit worth $400 full of supplies to do the FTW labs in the classroom. She said, “Thank you for the Feed the World Kit!!! I am so excited to have some new supplies and tools for my classroom. I look forward to bringing these new and inovative labs to my students to give them a more hands-on approach to learning. I especially look forward to the water and soil quality tresting and experimenting with my Environmental Science class.”