Free test kit yields soil information

Feed the World, sponsored by Ohio Corn Education, recently gave away free soil test kits. One of the winners was science teacher Ryan Allshouse of Findlay High School. Allshouse decided to end the year teaching about agriculture and food production versus population and the amount of arable land.  

Allshouse explained, “I placed my Environmental Science students in groups and each group tested a different component: pH, nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. The teacher next door and I both have gardens and we brought in soil for the students to test. We were curious how nutrient-rich our soil was! Some students brought in soil from gardens at home as well. The groups tested the components and then wrote their results on the board.” Allshouse’s class then analyzed results and discussed why each of the components is necessary for soil to be fertile.  

“My students seemed to enjoy the activity and those with a green thumb will probably utilize the knowledge they gained later in life,” Allshouse said.  

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