Feed the World activities in Landscape and Greenhouse Management classes

Beth Berthold is a Landscape and Greenhouse Management instructor at the Lorain County JVS in Oberlin. After attending a Feed the World workshop, she shared what she’d learned with her students. “This workshop gave me fresh ideas to integrate into my teaching after 11 years in the classroom.”

Berthold’s students learned about:

  • soil: Students were able to identify the different particles in soil by creating a soil column using mason jars.They also learned about nutrients and what is needed for good plant growth.
  • plants’ growth stages: when transplanting or trimming, it’s important to know about seed leaves vs. true leaves. Students used this knowledge in working with plants.
  • aquaponics: “I was motivated to incorporate this after we visited the urban agriculture example in Cleveland,” Berthold said. “I wanted the students to understand how the fish and plants are integrated and take care of one another. They love the aquaponics system!”

Berthold said she’d recommend this workshop to other teachers. “It was a great use of time, and it gave me many ideas that worked well in my classroom.” You can see the curriculum here.