DNA in a hands-on way

Help your students really understand the structure of DNA and its component parts! Ann Rougier teaches Biology and AP Anatomy at Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton. Since attending the Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World summer workshop, Rougier has incorporated several of the lessons into her classroom curriculum.

As part of her DNA unit, Rougier designed the “Chromosome & DNA Inquiry”. The main object of this inquiry is to demonstrate how DNA is packaged into chromosomes. Students physically wrap/twirl pieces of yarn in opposite directions which represents the”super coil”. The activity then extends into human karyotypes, both normal and abnormal.

The unit next studied the structure of DNA using “I am a little teapot,” representing the monomer, the nucleotide. Next, the class created a human model in the hall, with each student representing a nucleotide and the whole group forming a DNA model.

Rougier said, “We continued by making a full paper model of DNA. We replicated one template and will pick up and use it during protein synthesis. The students will attach this into their notebook.

Finally, the group extracted DNA from corn, a lesson accessible here.

Our summer workshop gives you hands-on experience with these lessons AND sends you home with supplies for your classroom!