Classroom connections to the wide field of agriculture

Ashley Thompson teaches agriculture science at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. Her day covers a variety of classes, from plant and animal science, to ag & industrial power and welding, to livestock selection and management, and finally greenhouse and nursery management. 

Thompson said she thought the workshop did an excellent job of linking science and agriculture. “The materials allow teachers to leave feeling prepared and confident in sharing this information with their students. The lessons helped show why agriculture is important and relevant to everyone, even those who don’t work in production agriculture. The workshop clarified the role of science and technology in improving the industry to keep up with society’s needs. The workbook and lab materials were laid out in a user-friendly format that will be easy for me to incorporate right into my course of study, and they clearly show the links between agriculture and chemistry and advanced biology. In addition, the tour of the Valero plant will help me highlight potential career areas for students, not just in science but also in engineering.”

Thompson not only teaches ag science; she and her family produce high-quality hay on their farm. Thompson said, “I truly feel a passion for agriculture and I take great pride in doing my part to produce a safe and affordable food supply.  But my passion alone is not enough to ensure the prosperity of our communities and our nation as a whole: I believe that we also have to educate the public as to why we do the things that we do, and how their involvement is still integral into getting all the pieces to fit together.”