Cellular respiration and fermentation

After covering photosynthesis, Rebecca Scott of Field High School took her students through cellular respiration, including the corn fermentation in a bag activity. The activities and supplies were provided from Ohio Corn & Wheat-sponsored Feed the World workshop.

Scott said, “First and foremost, the breathalyzer sure captured their interest! I would like to think that we had accurate results; one of our readings was .9!” Since the bags weren’t inflating quickly, the class left them overnight, leading to some leaks and other minor disasters. Some of Scott’s students were determined to achieve the most gas production and set up several bags. The design of another group included keeping the temperature of the bag at the optimal temperature for yeast to grow, with great results in just one period.

“This lab presented a good opportunity to explain enzyme specificity and for my students to once again go through the process of ethanol production,” said Scott. “We really enjoyed everything! Thanks, Ohio Corn & Wheat!”