The school year is ending in flames!!

Kathy Daniels, science teacher at Mississinewa High School, received a grant to purchase distillation equipment for her classroom. She said, “I want to say a huge ‘thank you!’ for the grant to purchase the distillation equipment to make corn ethanol. My students just completed the final steps of lab today, burning their ethanol. They wrote about making biodiesel and making ethanol as their final assignment of the year.”

Daniels said she was apprehensive at first doing this lab with her regular environmental science students, but they ended up greatly enjoying it and had some good insights comparing the production of ethanol and the production of biodiesel. Her students conducted four different labs—Fermentation of Feedstocks, Biomass to Sugars (Enzymes), Nutrient Testing, and the Ethanol Distillation lab—over two weeks of slow and careful work.

“It was a great ending activity to this year’s curriculum. Again, thank you!”

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