At our workshops, you’ll take part in inquiry-based, hands-on STEM lessons addressing Ohio science standards in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science and Middle School Science. Talk to industry experts, tour an ethanol plant, and collaborate with other educators. Join our Alumni network and connect your students to the growing field of agricultural careers. See firsthand how Ohio Corn & Wheat is helping to Feed the World.

What’s it like at a Feed the World workshop?

How is science contributing to the future of global food and energy security? Learn how advancing technologies help us produce more with less. At a Feed the World workshop you will learn about the latest research and immerse yourself in biotechnology, soil science, water quality, energy production, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Upcoming Feed the World workshops

December 6, 2019

Feed the World: Focus on Energy and Ethanol, Fall 2019

Global Impact STEM Academy (Springfield, OH)
Want to learn more about renewable fuel?  Take part in our renewable energy workshop at Global Impact STEM Academy. Participants will explore how the Ag industry is creating quality feed and fuel while helping the environment. These lessons address Ohio Science Standards in 7th and 8th grade science, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. How is ethanol creating quality feed and fuel for Ohio and around the world? Why is renewable e…

Upcoming satellite events

Take part in a Feed the World lesson at a Professional Development outreach event. These 50 minute sessions of engaging lab activities are designed to help you answer questions about GMOS, water quality, soil integrity, and ethanol production. We’ll get you busy with hands-on learning—come and see what Feed the World is all about!

November 15, 2019

NSTA Cin.: Phenomenal Soils

Duke Energy Convention Center, 237/238
How does soil structure impact texture, nutrients, and biotic growth? Explore the phenomenon, recreate what is happening, and use Claims Evidence Reasoning to defend your answer. Lesson incorporates NGSS standards with a 3-dimensional lesson design.
November 16, 2019

NSTA Cin.: Macromolecules and Fuel?

Duke Energy Convention Center, 264
Explore misconceptions surrounding the “food vs fuel” myth and conduct macromolecule tests to construct explanations and design co-product solutions. Free teaching materials.

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