Challenging assumptions about GMOs

FTW lead educators Jeremy Grove and Heather Bryan demonstrated a pGlo genetic transformation lab at the Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers’ annual fall conference. In this lab, students perform an actual genetic transformation and become better able to explain the process to others. They also learn about corn genetic transformation and the benefits of GMOs.

15 teachers from northwest Ohio were present at the workshop. Jane McGann, upper elementary science teacher at Rushing Montessori School, said the activity would be a great one to do with her students. “We have students who have pretty strong views about GMOs,” McGann said, “and this fits well with what I try to do, which is challenging their simplistic views and considering what genetic modification can do and what its advantages are.”

Jason Tout, science teacher at Montessori High School in Cleveland, won a pGlo kit at the workshop. Tout said, “Thank you, Ohio Corn & Wheat, for the GMO-related materials.”