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Teachers all over the state and beyond are using Feed the World lessons with their students! See how other teachers are implementing this curriculum in their classrooms, learn about emerging agricultural topics and resources, and get the latest updates on our workshops and satellite activities.

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POET field trip gives a closer look at ethanol production

Jul 28, 2017
Energy and Ethanol is one of the topics covered in the Feed the World curriculum. In the Findlay workshop, participants made ethanol in a classroom, then visited a much larger-scale production facility. The POET Biorefining plant in Leipsic began operations January 10, 2008. This facility consumes approximately 24 million bushels of locally-grown corn to produce 68 million gallons of ethanol annually. The dried distillers grains (DDGs) resulting from ethanol production are used in the …

Flooding in Findlay Can’t Stop Feed the World

Jul 25, 2017
Despite unusual flood conditions in the town of Findlay, 30 teachers gathered for the second OCW-sponsored Feed the World workshop. The group included teachers from a variety of high school science disciplines, all engaged in exploring the topics of GMOs/Biotechnology, Energy and Ethanol, Water Quality, Soil and Sustainability and the challenges of Feeding the World. After day one of the workshop at the University of Findlay, presenter Heather Bryan switched …

Springfield Feed the World workshop a great success!

Jul 5, 2017
The OCW-sponsored Feed the World Springfield workshop attracted 31 teachers from all over Ohio representing agriscience, biology, chemistry, environmental science and general science. Participants worked through labs from on topics related to GMOs/Biotechnology, Energy and Ethanol, Water Quality,Soil and Sustainability, and the challenges of Feeding the World. They dissected corn plants and learned about the growing cycles and the economics of corn production. Dr. Tracy Kitchel, Chair …

How will you use what you learned in the workshop?

Jul 5, 2017
“If we can grow some corn in the classroom and then dissect it, that would be awesome. Most of this stuff is hands-on, and my kids especially thrive on those activities. “ Jeff Baker teaches middle school science, physical science, and biology in ALPHA, a result oriented program to rehabilitate students in Perry County who are involved with the Juvenile Court. He found the activities at the workshop a great fit for …

Who’s that in YOUR lab group?!?

Jul 3, 2017
A special guest attended Day 1 of the Springfield Feed the World workshop: Dr. Tracy Kitchel. Dr. Kitchel is Professor and Chair of the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL) at The Ohio State University. He participated in hands-on lab activities and also attended the industry dinner that evening. Kitchel said he came hoping to see teachers engage with agriculture in new ways. Although he’d expected to see ma…

FTW alumni educators: ready, set, GO!

Mar 2, 2017
At the 2017 Education Leadership Series, FTW alumni educators met to prepare for outreach activities. Presenter Heather Bryan shared about FTW’s online resources, highlighted key features of the website, and provided the teachers with lab equipment and supplies. Now these educators are prepared to lead FTW workshops at teacher conferences, provide information and support to other teachers in their buildings, and engage in community outreach to share FTW activities. The gr…

Ag brainstorming session brings minds together

Mar 2, 2017
The 2017 Education Leadership Series brought together teachers, students and industry to identify real-world problems in agriculture, such as misinformation about GMOs, and to brainstorm solutions. The PAST Foundation’s Kat Deaner led the group conversations. PAST partners with local business and industry to provide student learning in several academic areas, and their Growth lab was the focus of this meeting. FTW alumni educators gathered with high school students and leaders fr…

Challenging assumptions about GMOs

Nov 11, 2016
FTW lead educators Jeremy Grove and Heather Bryan demonstrated a pGlo genetic transformation lab at the Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers’ annual fall conference. In this lab, students perform an actual genetic transformation and become better able to explain the process to others. They also learn about corn genetic transformation and the benefits of GMOs. 15 teachers from northwest Ohio were present at the workshop. Jane McGann, upper elementary science t…

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