Beach Clean-up and Water Testing at Lake Erie

Kym Judson and Sam McCracken, Environmental Education teachers for Mayfield City Schools, both attended the Feed the World workshop this summer and are using what they learned in their classrooms.

The teachers took their classes to Lake Erie to test the water (photo included) and participate in a beach clean-up with a group called Alliance for the Great Lakes. The class collected trash from the beach and recorded data about the area. Using the pH kit, the students took samples from several areas of shoreline to determine pH levels.
The students observed weather conditions and color and odor of the water and discussed the current problem with algae blooms in the lake. We considered what the agriculture and horticulture industry can do to reduce runoff. McCracken’s students discussed careers that involve the Great Lakes and the importance of Lake Erie to agriculture and industry. “The students enjoyed the hands-on activities, and we plan on returning to the beach in the spring to do another clean up and test the water.”