Adam Staley used activities from Soil and Sustainability

Adam Staley, Clear Fork teacher, attended the 2014 Feed the World Workshop and used activities from the “Soil and Sustainability” category.

Clear Fork FFA students study the importance of good soil health by examining a soil profile in a pit. On August 20, 2014 at Clear Fork High School students learned hands on about the importance of having good soil drainage and the effects it has if it is not managed correctly. By looking at the soil below ground level it provides a better view when diagnosing potential drainage problems.

After looking at the soil profile students were able to give suggestions on how to improve the site with different conservation management practices. Students also learned how to navigate through the county soil survey when studying the land formations and management practices. They specifically ribboned the soil to find the soil texture. They also used data and color charts to determine if soil was well drained or not. This then determines what the soil needs or what it can be used for.